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Some plain language please...

Postby second » Sun Aug 09, 2015 10:55 pm

There are simply too many cogs in play to really get a sense of what is going on or what to expect when.

As long as I play with default 100um models, things seem to work in the import. When I try to change things, I get stretched out models in the iBox or errors in Slic3r.
I am looking forward to some very good, very concise videos or tutorials on just how to make more detailed models.

What exactly -is- useful in Slic3r. What really determines precision? Is the nozzle size important? Why can the nozzle not be smaller than the layer?
What exactly -is- the proper use of "settings" in the iBox UI? What does the translator really pick up from the Slic3r output file? Where, when, and how do I actually set the import file's parameters? How can I see the setting of other user files so I can see what works? Why does my config in settings keep reverting back to something else?

And how are we suppose to manage the files on the iBox memory card? We cannot seem to access them through the UI or can we? Are -all- the files stored on the memory?

Seriously... for as long as this campaign has been going on, it seems eons away from actually knowing how this thing interacts. I'm a CAD guy; I can make models; but I cannot get the hang of what this printer expects from me; and the feedback just seems to confuse even more.
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Re: Some plain language please...

Postby ron.kundla » Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:12 pm

What errors do you get in Slic3r? The Slic3r tutorial in the Slicer section gives you everything you need. We only use Slic3r to export the SVG, which are solid slices of the object, not the actual computed tool paths that would be sent to a FDM printer.

I created two different printer settings files for 100 micron and 50 micron for the Nano. When I want to slice 50 micron, I set Slic3r to my 50 micron printer settings file and then I do the "Slice to SVG" command. Slic3r uses both the layer height fields to make the images, so be sure to set both of them to the same value so you don't lose slices. Another thing to turn off is the skirt/brim. They are not needed for SLA/DLP printing.

I am not 100% sure if the filament areas need to be tweaked, but I set them to 1.75mm anyway in case they do impact the SVG. I think they are only used when computing the paths for an FDM slice and feedrates, etc.

Regarding nozzle, I've only seen FDM nozzles down to 0.1 mm and that is custom. My FDM printer has a 0.4 mm nozzle. Again, I don't think that matters for slicing to SVG since all you see is solid objects, not the individual paths.
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