Restore a Nano when all else fails

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Restore a Nano when all else fails

Postby TSutter » Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:50 am

I had a corrupted js script, that prevented the nano's internal apache webserver from starting, and updates using flashdrives failed as well.
The nano had worked previously and was still accessible to my router over wifi, but not the web service on port 80. On boot, the usual white light did not flash.

The good news is that the nano includes an sftp over ssh file server that is independant of the apache server, using the same login/password (pi, raspberry) as for the linux boot when plugging a HDMI cable and USB keyboard into its sockets.
Use filezilla or any other ssh program (i used cyberduck on my mac), connect to the nano's IP address on port 22, enter login and password and accept the certificate, and you connect to its disk and can then upload any restored files to their proper location.
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