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General Resin Announcement

Postby GBR3113 » Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:01 pm

As you likely know via our FAQ we resell Makerjuice G+ resin and you can purchase from us or from maker juice. We do however use different amounts of pigment than the standard MakerJuice G+ colors that you might buy from other sources. Here is a table to better communicate the differences:

MakerJuice G+ from
-iBox has tested Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Clear. *Note that Clear is more of a caramel (yellow tone)
-They use quite a bit more pigment than is optimal for the iBox Nano but they do still print with acceptable results. We do not know the precise amount they use but estimate it at around 0.5% pigment to resin by weight.
-They sell in 500mL and 1 Liter sizes at a cost that is well under our 95mL bottle pricing by volume. Repackaging resin is costly in time and resources and much of that cost can be seen in our 95mL pricing.

iBox Resin - Dyed and Repackaged Makerjuice G+ Clear
-iBox has tested Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Clear. *Note that Clear is more of a caramel (yellow tone)
-iBox uses much less pigment and has to custom mix every 1 Liter batch. We have hired chemists to ensure quality and reproducibility. Our pigment ratio is 0.05% pigment to resin by weight. We have found this to be the optimal pigment content to achieve the best prints with our default settings. 
-iBox only sells this resin in 95mL containers until we can scale our facility to manage large batches that would be needed to make 1 liter sizes. The hardware is about 10x as expensive to handle larger bottling sizes and will likely happen in early 2016.
-iBox 95mL containers are actually 130mL in capacity and are thus only filled until they reach between 95mL and 100mL. This is to make sure they do not rupture during pressurized transportation. We package by volume to ensure everyone gets at lest 95mL per container.
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