Ibox arrives in the UK...

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Ibox arrives in the UK...

Postby Simon Bland » Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:02 pm

Hi Ibox team,

I'm one of your kickstarter supporters who selected the late Christmas present option.

Just thought I'd let you know the Ibox arrived today, just over a week after it got sent from the US - so not bad in all. The packaging held up well with no obvious damage to the printer, accessories or resin. I like the construction - I use a lot of the same laser cut multi-layer techniques when building up parts for projects.

I'm yet to have a chance to really print anything, but running a test it appears that a couple of the UV LEDs are not firing up. Will this be a problem? I'm not sure if this was due to transport or maybe its just a case of some bad LEDs.

One little suggestion for future revisions meanwhile - the bolts protrude slightly through the base of the printer, might I suggest a set of rubber feet to stop it scratching any table tops.

Kindest regards

Simon Bland
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Re: Ibox arrives in the UK...

Postby iboxsupport » Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:15 pm

Thank you for providing feedback on our packaging and its survivability while shipping.

Please send us an image of the LEDs that are out and/or provide their location. Note that the LEDs are PWM controlled and in many calibrations may be intentionally reduced to a very low power to produce a homogeneously illuminated print area. If you can post your calibration data or your serial number and we can look it up.

We test print on every Nano, so it did print before shipping, so it should print in its current configuration.

Calibration data is in SETTINGS->ADVANCED-> and called: OEM Calibrated UV LED PWM Values

The screw should be protected with acrylic spacers. I dont believe any went out without them, but I suppose it could have happened.
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