Few Impression

General questions about the printer and printer software.

Few Impression

Postby Oxnyx » Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:12 pm

My ibox was my first 3d printer. While I had read lots the price point and general not clear about what I would do with it keep me from entering.
Packaging and Shipping was fine for me. I think a couple of things could be done better long term but I understand that this was a kickstarter first and for a first it was fine. I would personally from having shipped and supported electronics in industry have put a sticker or post it note clearly stating not to remove the tape. I actually did not remove the tape but only because it was so oddly placed.

[*]The lack of easy to find information about scoffing the build plat means I have 5 rabbit butts from the Ducky Bunny on my table. Maybe edit the Quick Guide video with a link so that the other video is easier to find?
[*]My vat has a drop wave pattern in the glass; I am wondering if that is leading to some of the issues get a clean print I have read about but I have yet to find a replacement
[*]I wish that downloading a pattern did not do cause the current print to stop printing... I now have a print of 90% a Ducky Bunny; a pop-up warning would have been a friendly touch
[*]I have run the update about 5 times and I don't appear to be moving from firmware 1.16....not sure why I will try via usb once I have 100% of a Ducky Bunny
[*]Could you provide links to software for creating models? I haven't done this and would like a quickly summary
[*]I am personally just wondering why you would select to make the unit out of a material that a chemical that will be commonly around it will destroy.

Overall while it's taken 24 hours to get the unit to a place I feel like I can use at a REALY basic level; I am happy with the unit. I will be even more pleased if next month I can print my self some custom keytags for some license tumb drives at work.
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Re: Few Impression

Postby TieBox » Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:35 pm

Thank you Oxnyx for the helpful feedback!!

I've added a link to the build plate preparation video, the fep table replacement video and our youtube channel in the description of the quick start guide. I've also added notes in the video to not remove the fep tape and to scratch the build plate before you print.

I've honestly not seen a drop wave pattern in a vat before but I'm sure it is possible. Is it something that would show up in a picture? If it is a defective vat we should be able to send you a new one.

I will look into adding a pop-up warning about adding a model while printing.

Your update is working perfectly. 1.16 is the newest version of the software.

We have this video on creating a model for the nano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxqPceROqag
If you mean creating a model from scratch in a cad program I would suggest tinkercad for beginners.

We chose to make the nano out of acrylic to reach our goal of making the most affordable 3D printer on the market. Sure we could have made the printer out of a metal or tougher plastic but this would have dramatically increased the price of the printer while also decreasing its aesthetic value.
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